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5 Reasons She Likes Giving Head


You work hard to reach your goal. You have something you’re working towards, something to strive for.
Females, however, are the beings that dig down and get shit going. This not only being cleaning the house
spotless or completely organizing the entire house, but more on the topic of Oral. Specifically, the blow job.

1. Control: Not many things can top the feeling of taking dominance and full control in the bedroom. With her able to pleasure you, and have your life wrapped around her finger (figuratively speaking of course) she has full control and that makes her feel sexy, very sexy.

2. You’re getting me hot: While, yes, it sounds like you’re boasting, getting to watching and the ability to feel
it’s heat of the moment that catches up with you and catches up with her as well. But as soon as she knows you’re
catching what she’s throwing then everyone can feel good about themselves. But of course, they’ll want more.

3. Exchange: As wise man once said “I scratch your back, you scratch mine.” This idiom is very handy, but it just so happens that the location of my back happens to be located on my vagina. Before or after, either way you should pay back the favor. If you don’t then that’s just bad manners.

4. Skin the cat: It’s real simple, we’re too freaking tired to have sex. So, go get your chainsaw cause you don’t have time to beat around the bush. What’s wrong with getting each others rocks off then getting a solid 8 hour of REM sleep? Sounds good to me.

5. She likes you (duh): It’s simple really, in majority of cases most people don’t go around giving oral pleasure to just anyone. You’re a select few if you’re getting head, otherwise she likes you and count your blessings you lucky son of a bitch, you’re loved.

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